Model info - The Art Deco Elephant

One of my most popular pieces that generates a lot of interest and discussion is the Art Deco Elephant head. Although it looks simple, the faceted geometry of the piece was a challenge to model. 

As some of you may or may not be aware the piece is based on one of two Elephant head carvings that adorn the decorative faïence façade of the former Burton menswear building on Ann Street in Belfast. The building is currently occupied by CeX with their awful signage that draws the eye away from the beauty of the ornate façade above. Surprisingly the building isn't listed, something will have to done about that.

The Elephant head motif isn't unique to Belfast. Several stores constructed in the early 1930's throughout the UK had similar carvings. Barking, Cardiff, Greenwich, Halifax, Oldham, Wolverhampton and Weston-Super-Mare all had this beautiful beast crowning their pilasters.

For further reading on the architecture and design of Montague Burton click here

And remember folks - always look up!


Artdeco elephant head burton menswear

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